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CARMEL HILL (Deroche, B.C.)

Carmelite spirituality is characterized by an intense thirst for an immediate and direct experience of God. Reduced to its most fundamental expression, Carmelite spirituality is centred on prayer, understood as loving friendship with God, and contemplation as the free gift of God. Hence, Carmelite spirituality is focused on attention to one’s relationship with Jesus. This is expressed in various ways in the major sources of Carmelite spirituality, such as the Rule of St. Albert, the writings of the founders of Discalced Carmel, Saints Teresa and John of the Cross, and indeed in the writings of all our Carmelite saints.

Carmel Hill, is a dream come true of the Discalced Carmelites of the Karnataka Goa Province (India) in Canada. It is virtually a dream of dreams that is getting shaped through the monastery being built in this pisturesque green surrounding at Fraser Valley, British Columbia—Canada. The surroundings of this beautiful area is filled with lush green meadows, mountains and beautiful lakes.

It was in April 2012 when Helen Chua Tiampo agreed to donate a piece of land to the Carmelites through Fr. Rudolf V. D’Souza, that the seed of this great project was sown. After repeated discussions and meetings held with the estate planners and lawyers that finally a deal was struck to concretely find a land suitable for developing and realizing of the charism of the Discalced Carmelites friars. When at a meeting Helen C. Tiampo directed her secretary Mr. Steve Creighton to look for the land end of April 2012. Since Mr. Steve is in the field of real estate, he looked for almost 6 pieces of land in the Mission area of British Columbia. We zeroed in on a property at Sylvester Street, which was 20 acres in dimension. But as we were about to strike deal to purchase this land, someone else paid a higher price and we lost this chance.

“This is God’s work, because God wants us to go elsewhere” said Helen and “we need to look for another piece.” Then in 15 days of search finally there was a 20 acreage of land with a beautiful house. Helen personally took charge of finalizing the deal and she strongly affirmed that she wanted this piece of land as there was a beautiful mountain right at the edge of the property. Immediately after initial documentations were done, Helen herself exclaimed saying, “this land for the Carmelites is beautiful with a mountain attached, we can call it CARMEL HILL”. This is just the beginning of the story…

Evolution of Carmel Hill (Deroche, B.C.) – Summer of 2015

Little Flower Monastery at Carmel Hill is a place of prayer, meditation and contemplation in the bosom of nature surrounded with beautiful mountains and lush green trees; a natural habitat of flora and fauna, open fields and farms, and fishes in the neighbouring river streams. In our comfortable and silent atmosphere you can find God’s presence, an ambience of peace and serenity for spending time “alone with God”.

It is located at North Deroche Road (Fraser Valley). For more details refer to our website:

We are able to accommodate approximately 40 people with self-contained spacious rooms. (Pricing TBA for Fall of 2022 and beyond.)

Discalced Carmelites operate this place of prayer and contemplation, which is also a House of Formation in the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your retreat requirements. The above rates are for use of the facilities at the Monastery and are not guided retreats. For guided retreats, special arrangements may be made with our Monastery Superior, Fr. Alexander Braganza, OCD.


Mass and Prayer Schedule (TBC for Fall of 2022 and beyond)

Visitors and guests are welcome to join us for Mass and daily prayers.

At the foot of Nicomen Mountains in Deroche, BC there flows a stream called Nicomen Slough that joins the great Fraser River, reminiscent of Brook Cherith on Mount Carmel where God fed his great Prophet Elijah who brought torrential rains on the parched land hit by three years of drought. Drawing inspiration from this zealous and fiery prophet, the Carmelites nestled themselves in this natural sanctuary a couple of years ago in order to share their life and spirituality with the laity and religious of this blessed land…

“My whole strength lies in prayer and sacrifice, these are my invincible arms: they can move hearts far better than words. I know it by experience.”

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux (The Little Flower)

Stations of the Cross

Read about the opening of the stations of the cross trail at Carmel Hill, Deroche, B.C. :

Stations of the Cross – Carmel Hill (Deroche, B.C.)